Custom & Contract
Custom colour heavy duty contract wallpapers by Erica Wakerly

Custom colour contract wallpapers (print to order). Contact us for ordering information.

Alongside Erica Wakerly’s stocked range of wallpapers and fabrics we work on bespoke projects, for example:

- Custom colours of existing wallpaper or designs.
- Producing our designs as a type 2 wallcovering, for heavy duty/ high traffic contract use
Note: All of Erica Wakerly's stocked wallpapers are commerically fire rated and suitable for use in lower traffic commercial spaces.
- A new wallpaper pattern or textile design for a specific space or building.
- A new design for another type of product e.g. The range of concrete tiles Erica Wakerly designed for Kaza Concrete.
- Licensing of a new or existing Erica Wakerly design.

Please contact us to discuss your project.

FORM modular concrete wall tile by Erica Wakerly for Kaza Concrete

FORM modular concrete wall tiles by Erica Wakerly for Kaza Concrete. Seven 3D tiles can work together in any combination.

Please contact us for ordering information.